How-To Survive COVID-19 – Beauty Edition Pt. 1

Maybe a bit dramatic, but you know there’s been some days it sure feels like the apocalypse!

Of course the first things to go are the “non-essential” businesses, salons, gyms, nail salons, lash studios, and the list goes on. First off, I want to know who deemed salons non-essential 🙃 Nobody wants to see what this beast looks like without her war paint.  I know, it’s a bit hard to maintain 6 feet while I’m sewing your extensions or massaging your scalp (ooo, I got you there, miss those too huh?!) , but com’mon!

Until we get the salon back up and I’ve put together fun and helpful things you can do during your new found down time. 

Mental Care

Honestly, the most important thing to take care of before all else. It’s crazy times and we’re all pretty stressed and wound extremely tight with the uncertainty of what’s to come. I’m queen of stress and anxiety and have had my fair share of panic attacks and breakdowns. You know the ones, crying your heart out in the shower, letting that inner emo kid take over (I should have put on more mascara for dramatic effect), just to jump out, shake it off and pretend all is well. You know those too?

A couple things that have helped me focus my energy on the good and positive that can come from all of this and not dwelling on things I can’t control would be creating a routine, getting organized, mediating and working out, reading and starting a project. Hopefully some of this can help you!

First thing I had to do was set a rough routine for my days. I have to admit, I’m mildly enjoying being able to take my sweet ass time getting to things, hence the “rough” routine. I wake up to no particular alarm, start my teapot, cut myself a piece of apple coffee cake (I’ve baked 3 now), and sit in silence with a notepad and jot down ideas for my day. Just ideas of things I’d like to do, maybe some “have to’s” or work related things. Just a way to organize my thoughts and hold myself accountable to accomplish something more than dominating yet another Netflix series. 


Easier said than done. Get some yoga in your life! There are so many great studios and instructors giving free online classes right now. Of course if you’re able, share them some love and send a tip their way. I tune in daily to Shakti Power Yoga from Music Row in Nashville for their Lives and recorded classes on YouTube. I start with a meditation then a 60min Power flow. It wakes me up, gets my blood flowing and I feel ready to conquer the day. If I start on the couch with Netflix, that’s likely where I’ll stay.

We’ve lucked out to have some beautiful warm spring days here in Nashville. I’ve taken full advantage of that. I’ll lay out, catch a tan (or burn 😡) and read. Circling back around to that mental health, I’ve been reading self help books on anxiety. There’s also some great podcasts on getting your mind set right, if that’s more you’re style.

Have any books you like? Leave your suggestions below!

Another super important thing to keep your mind busy and productive is starting a project! Has there been anything you’ve been meaning to do but “never have the time?” Get after it! I’ve finally been able to re-work my website, start my blog and extra focus on my business and making sure it’s perfect for my guests when we return. I’ve also started a container veggie garden as well as have just gotten 5 new little chicks to raise up 🐣 Now not sayin’ you have to get that crazy. 

Also if your artsy, find an outlet. A few of us from the salon are missing being artists behind the chair, so we’ve taken to coloring books and creatively staining the concrete in the salon (Jodi 😋). I’ve seen people refinishing furniture, sewing, cooking, painting, creating art and things to sell to supplement lost income. The silver lining to all of this, so much creativity is being able to shine through.  

Bottom line, I’ve just had to find productive things to do, otherwise I feel worthless 😆


Have you done or tried any these ideas? Have you found something that works for you and keeping your sanity? Would love to hear your ideas below.


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