Concealed Bead Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

What are they?! In my personal opinion the most comfortable and versatile hair extensions on the market. Super thin hand-tied wefts are sewn onto rows of beads placed into the hair as a foundation. I place wefts below and on top of the beads, making them completely concealed. That way there will be no trace of how the extension hair is secured to your natural hair! You’ll be able to flip up your hair and wear a pony or messy bun with no trace of “tracks”.

In February of 2020 I joined the Harper Ellis family for a 2 day training in their hometown of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I was surrounded by some of the industries best. My biggest takeaways from that weekend were this amazing new concealed method and custom coloring techniques to make sure you get the most seamless blend.  

I am now proudly using the Harper Ellis hand-tied hair as well. There are a lot of brands out there and weeding through them to find the best of the best can be difficult. Fortunately Harper Ellis did the hard work for me and has produced some of the best hair I’ve ever worked with.

Key factors I look for :  

– Super fine wefts

– Silicone Free

– Double drawn, meaning full from top to bottom

– Brass free tones

– Ethically & Expertly sourced

What does the Process and Maintenance look like?

Once you submit your application I’ll have your come into the salon for an in person consultation. At that time we’ll go over all things extensions. If we both feel they’re right for you and that we can create the mane of your dreams we’ll pick a date for install. During your install appointment, I’ll likely start by coloring your hair as well as the extensions for a flawless blend. The install will take about 60-90 minutes, then I’ll blend the extensions out so we don’t have a noticeable transition from your hair into the extension hair. Style, photo shoot and selfies 📸

The extensions will need a move up after about 6-8 weeks, which Typically lands about the time your color will need a touch up anyway. Removal will take me about 10 minutes, I’ll refresh your color (and extensions if needed), and re-install. Quick and easy.

More information on the different types and styles of extensions can be found in my blog.

Now I’m ready to get Nashville as hooked on hand-tied hair extensions as I am! You’re going to love them 🖤

Ready for the next step?

The next step is setting up an in-person consultation. At this appointment we’ll go over your hair dreams and what it will take to get you there, care & maintenance, and answer any questions you have.