In 2016 I was trained and certified by Alin Leslie of DollyLocks in crochet creation, maintenance and dreadlock extensions. I section as I go typically in a brick lay pattern around the head and triangles nearer the face. I create dense backcombed sections of hair, and using a crochet hook I pull in all the loose hairs creating tight, clean and uniform dreadlocks. With this method you will lose MINIMAL length. If needed base ties are also an option for more resistant or extra unruly hair.


Before your appointment I need you to come with clean/clarified, 100% dry hair. Hair/dreadlocks that are oily will have too much slip to hold the new shape we’re creating. I suggest washing your hair with a professional clarifying shampoo 2-3 times to make sure all oils and build up is removed from the hair. Scrub the hair and scalp well until you get an insane amount of suds. If it doesn’t suds up, rinse and wash again. Do not condition or add any leave in conditioners or oils. 


I carry and highly recommend Redken’s Detox hair cleansing cream shampoo.

“-Purifies, refreshes and leaves hair shiny
-Instantly removes product build up
-Instantly removes minerals found in hard water (copper, iron, magnesium, calcium)
-Removes pollution residue from hair -Strengthens hair cuticle
-Suitable for all hair types and textures, including color treated hair” – Redken.com

Everything you need to start your journey out right. Swing by and pick up a bottle!


There’s a lot of just sitting and hanging out while I create your new do. Feel free to bring entrainment, snacks, cell charger, etc. Many food places near the salon deliver. During this time I’ll go into more detail on care, maintenance, tips & tricks. 

Post + Care

I ask you not wash our new creation or maintenance for one week. But DO spray it daily with a tightening spray that first week so the hair learns it’s new shape. 

After creation you’ll want to return in 4-6 weeks for a maintenance so I can re-tighten and make sure if anything has snuck out of place its corrected before it really starts locking. 

My favorite products!

-Tightening Spray
-Tightening Gel
-Refreshing Spray
-Cleansing Spray

-DETOX Hair Cleansing Cream

Redken you can swing the salon or order through our online store for curb-side pick-up and DollyLocks can be found directly through their online store✌🏼

What’s next?

Consultations are required for all new guests. This way we can get a clear picture of what we’re wanting to do, time frame and cost. Bring all your questions and inspiration pictures. Can’t wait to meet you!

Not local to Nashville?

Give my Etsy shop a visit for custom made human hair permanent extensions and synthetic temporary dreadlocks! I ship world wide.