I’m ready to rock when you are!



I’m Randi-Rae, stylist of 13 years, newly relocated from Seattle. Hair and lashes are my passion and obsession. My dog and boyfriend are my life. The outdoors, travel and bettering those around me are what fuel me. 

Hair health is my number one priority. By combining top shelf products, professional skill and educating my guest on proper care and maintenance I’m able to provide beautiful healthy hair that lasts!

Lived in color is my favorite to personally wear and create. I enjoy using Balayage and shadow root styles and techniques to create beautiful low-maintenance hair color. Check out my instagram, @randiraestyles, for more examples of lived in color.

If you’re looking for a game changer, you’ve found it. The concealed bead method and hand-tied hair extensions open up so many possibilities. From mermaid hair to adding just a bit more thickness into your current style, let’s chat 🤘🏼

There is no better feeling then waking up with your lashes already done. A fresh set of lash extensions or a lash lift and tint are an amazing way to increase your beauty sleep and simplify your beauty routine.

Dreadlocks, where do I begin? That’s a whole different specialty all together. As a professional loctician, my job is to keep your dreadlocks, neat, clean and uniform. There’s not much I haven’t seen, so please reach out with any dreadlock questions!